Operation Tech-apocalypse

Create an emergency preparedness plan.

Instead of a serious post, I decided to keep it lighthearted with an emergency preparedness plan for if all technology stopped working (my nightmare).

1. Communication:
– Practice your best carrier pigeon impersonation.
– Keep a stock of paper and pens to send handwritten messages, complete with fancy calligraphy if feeling adventurous.

– Draw emojis to reference later and teach society of the way to express feelings through them

2. Food:
– Master the art of campfire cooking and become the next top chef on a stick.
– Trade your prized bottle cap collection for canned goods with neighbors.

3. Clothing:
– Embrace the trend of mismatched socks and bedsheet capes as the new style statement.
– Rock the “bedhead” hairstyle as hairdryers bid adieu.

– Learn to wash clothes in a stream or body of water.

– Find or create a body of water *facepalm emoji*

4. Gadget Withdrawals:
– Host a support group for reformed smartphone addicts, complete with therapy sessions featuring lively debates on the merits of rotary phones.

– Create and record a 12 step program for “tech anonymous” group.

5. Power Outage Party:
– Gather around the guy who can play “Wonderwall” on his acoustic guitar, teach and make up new songs.
– Organize unplugged dance parties and let loose your finest moves.

6. Map training:
– Conduct obstacle courses to practice navigating without GPS, featuring blindfolded “Pin the Tail on the Map” challenges.

7. DIY Delights:
– Explore Pinterest-worthy crafts by reading BOOKS and using materials not dependent on the electricity fairy.
– Make a functional solar charger using just a magnifying glass and a determined stare. What you can charge is beyond me, since nothing technological will work anyway.

8. Innovative Entertainment:
– Challenge the kids to a classic game of “Who Can Roll Down the Hill the Fastest Without Tumbling?”
– Hold an unplugged karaoke night with hairbrush microphones.

9. Fashionable Fitness:
– Introduce the trend of “manual treadmill” workouts – your legs are the motor! (Only attempt after playing and marketing the GPS training.
– Opt for manual push-ups; every push-up charges your imaginary device (cry about imaginary device later).

10. Emergency Aesthetics:
– Customize your emergency kit with glitter glue, stickers, and rainbow duct tape for that extra flair. YASSSS.
– Bedazzle your candles and rustic lanterns for a truly illuminated experience.

Remember, in the spirit of lightheartedness, the goal is to enjoy the process of adapting to a tech-free world and finding humor in the unexpected situations. Most of all, don’t die from Internet withdrawal (I’d definitely miss Internet the most).

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