Here To Help, In Writing

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I’ve always enjoyed the after product of my writing. I have always loved the idea and brainstorming stage and reading my writing when it’s completed. I absolutely detest the processes and stages in between.

My mind is usually all over the place and I cannot stand looking at a rough draft, I pick apart my writing until frustration sets in and I stop. After a break, I usually come back, reread, and from and that the writing is better then I thought. I just cannot stand the frustration of trying to get my point across in the way I want.

Another thing I enjoy is the ability to help others. I always hope that when I write something, it can inspire and motivate others in the same way that I was inspired and motivated after reading things near and dear to my heart.

To create writing that inspires and motivates readers, I tap into relatable emotions and experiences. I share personal stories that convey vulnerability and growth, fostering a sense of connection and use positive language and vivid imagery to try and paint a clear picture. I also explain the raw feelings and challenges I have overcome and lessons learned, reminding readers of their own potential. Can’t forget demonstrating empathy and understanding. Finally, it’s always a great idea to conclude with a strong call to action that encourages readers to take meaningful steps towards their goals, leaving them energized and ready to embark on their own journey of transformation.

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