Stay Motivated By NOT Following These Terrible Anti-Motivation Methods

What motivates you?

Step 1: Set wildly unrealistic goals that make success impossible. Aim to become a unicorn-riding astronaut chef who speaks 15 languages fluently by next week.

Step 2: Surround yourself with negativity. Hang out with energy vampires and binge-watch the most depressing documentaries you can find.

Step 3: Procrastinate like a pro. Wait until the last possible second to start anything, and then panic like your life depends on it.

Step 4: Multitask till you drop. Juggle so many tasks at once that your brain resembles a plate-spinning show that went horribly wrong.

Step 5: Embrace your inner couch potato. Sit down, lie down, roll around — just avoid standing up or moving whenever possible.

Remember, the path to demotivation is paved with good intentions… that you’ll forget about in approximately 2.5 seconds. 😴🛋️🍕”