The Most Common Recipe

What’s your favorite recipe?

Recipe for Disaster:

– A dash of poor planning
– 2 cups of procrastination
– 1 tablespoon of miscommunication
– 3 teaspoons of bad luck
– A pinch of bad decisions

1. Start by neglecting any preparation or organization. Just wing it!
2. Mix in a generous amount of procrastination. Leave everything until the last minute.
3. Add the tablespoon of miscommunication to ensure that nobody knows what’s going on.
4. Sprinkle the bad luck evenly throughout the mixture. Remember, the more unexpected, the better.
5. Finally, top it off with a pinch of bad decisions. Trust your instincts, even if they’re usually wrong.

Warning: This recipe is guaranteed to result in chaos, confusion, and a high chance of disaster. Enjoy at your own risk!




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