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  • Mental Health Awareness Should Be Cozy!

    Mental Health Awareness Should Be Cozy!

    New From Finding Stardust! Introducing the latest trend that’s taking the world by storm: our incredibly cool college-inspired sweatshirts! 🎉 But wait, these aren’t your ordinary sweatshirts. Oh no, we’ve taken it up a notch to bring you a hilariously relatable fashion statement that’s sure to turn heads and tickle funny bones. Say hello to…

  • The Most Common Recipe

    The Most Common Recipe

    What’s your favorite recipe? Recipe for Disaster: Ingredients:– A dash of poor planning– 2 cups of procrastination– 1 tablespoon of miscommunication– 3 teaspoons of bad luck– A pinch of bad decisions Instructions:1. Start by neglecting any preparation or organization. Just wing it!2. Mix in a generous amount of procrastination. Leave everything until the last minute.3.…

  • What Does Your First Name Mean?

    What Does Your First Name Mean?

    Where did your name come from? Let’s think outside the box on this question. I searched for what my name, “Sara” means and it came up with Hebrew origin meaning “princess” (obviously). However, I found an interesting site My First Name Rocks. Here is what the site says about the name “Sara”: S – is…